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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Arctic Whale

Why Arctic Whale?

Because Arctic is cool, very cool!! and yes it is also on top of the world - at least when you look from the North pole!!

Whale has the whole world to move around.Doesn't one say a whale of a time, when one has a very nice time.

This blog is all about having a cool, nice time.It is about sitting and staring at the sun, the moon and trees old and young ; it is about wondering ALL about life ; it is about Arctic circle and whales and all things bright and beautiful and also things that are not so beautiful, but HIS creation anyway; it is about poetry and the poetic beauty of life.Yes, astronomy,philosophy and nature are my interests and a little bit of poetry!!

Let us journey through the sands of time and swim through infinite space and beyond.Let us share and have a whale of time!

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