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Monday, January 18, 2010

Small Steps

Ever wondered why we mark Krishna's footsteps on Gokulashtami, His birthday?

Of course to celebrate His birth and symbolically represent His arrival !!That is obvious

The not so obvious :

The house and all the riches in the house are due to HIS Grace - One should see His blessings in all the material riches that one has gained. That is of course the material point of view.

Spiritually, there is a great significance. Take a small step inward and He will draw you to Himself. It is like a child. It takes the first step, totters and is about to crash, when the mother rushes from wherever she is and holds the child. And she is in ecstasy! Take the first small step and you can never stop from reaching Him!
One also remembers this story :

Once there was a man who was good, but was not sure if God was there or not. But as taught by his parents he used to pray to God. He had his share of happiness and sorrow.

When he died he reached heaven and was received by God, who showed him the footprints of his life. The man observed that there were two different types of steps, but always only one set at a stretch. He thought that God had given him all the good things that happened in his life and thanked God for carrying him through the good times.

God said “You are wrong. Whenever you were in trouble, you thought of me and I carried you. When you were happy you were immersed in yourself and those footsteps are your own.”



  1. Is it only necessary to pray to a God to think about him? Because, to my knowledge, I do not pray, as much as converse with Him. Ask questions to him- sometimes selfish, yes, but sometimes not. Could that also be considered a small step?

    1. That is a Bi............g step!! Keep doing and She will always be with you.