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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Significance of Temple Towers

The temple towers, majestic, towering, colourful, depicting vivid images of Gods and godesses, of Devas, Asuras, of mythology, of people, of yali, of designs and patterns are beautiful and depict our culture.
Temple towers like that of Meenakshi Amman temple in Madurai, the Brahadheeswara temple in Tanjavur, the Srirangam temple can be seen from many miles away.
They evoke a deep sense of the Grandeur, of timelessness, of immanence, of infinity.
They make one wonder about the deep sense of devotion of the people and Rajas of yore, of the nature and purpose of life, of God and Godliness and of the mystery of creation itself.
They bring about a sense of humility, of quietness, of serenity.
They also hold a deeply significant vedantic meaning :
Imagine if the images were to come alive and think that they were supporting the tower, how foolish would that be? Colourful and panoramic as they may be, even if they depict the Gods and Godesses, they are supported by the tower.
So too the infinite universe is played upon the consciousness which is SAT-CHIT-ANANDAM, the Being-Consciousness-Bliss. While watching the ever unfolding drama called Life focus should be on the SELF or Consciousness or I or GOD.
In Yoga Vashista, Vashistar tells Rama to ever be aware of the SELF and go out and play like a Hero in the world.

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